Eight Point Five Or Higher

Dated: 10/23/2017

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Ahhhh the dream house.

"Not only did it have X Y and Z, but it had twice the Y we were looking for, and it was far enough under our price point to build a second Z!"

That's the unicorn.

I'm blessed enough to work in Real Estate in the greater Des Moines, IA Metro, a place where there is so much new construction and lots for sale that - sometimes - if we can't find your perfect home, we can just build it for $20k and 15 minute of driving more than you were going to spend.  Seriously, ask me about it.  We'll talk.

But what happens often with buyers (that's you guys, looking for houses with me) is that they expect to walk into their dream home, already constructed.   I'm not saying that never happens.   I'm saying we need to be happy with the 85%.

As a home buyer, looking at houses, you should rank each one you see on a scale of 1-10.  It's simple, it's easy, and it fulfills some inner desire to be judgemental.

A local broker put it this way:

1 = I wouldn't live here if YOU bought it FOR me and also paid my taxes

10 = Pull out the chromebook, we're not leaving until we put in an offer 10% over asking price

With that in mind, start rating the different rooms you're in:

        This basement is like a 6

        This kitchen is a 9!

        That garage is a 3

        The master bathroom is an 8

Once you've gone room by room and rated them, take a long look and think:

Is this house an 8.5?

If that house is an 8.5, you should be making a serious consideration on whether or not you should put in an offer, because the reality is (aside from square footage - normally) you should be able to make anything one or two numbers higher with a little elbow grease and a little cash.

If the kitchen is a 6, but everything else is great?   You can fix that.   Replace your cabinets.  Now it's a 7.  Change faucet heads and counters..  Now it's a 7.5.

See what I'm talking about?

You should be looking at a house, thinking "Can I make this into my 9 - 10 perfect house" not "is this my perfect house"

You'll save yourself a lot of headache, and most likely add in some darn good memories in the process of improving it.

My job is to help make people's dreams come true and learn as much as I can to make the buying and selling process more streamlined for my clients.

Your job is to break down what you're looking for in each aspect of a house, then rate it so I can look and see what's out there for you. 

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