Does Your Realtor ® Do Internet Marketing

Dated: 04/27/2015

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Does Your Realtor do Internet Marketing?

Does your real estate have an aggressive internet marketing campaign?  We're not talking about how a realtor markets their business on the internet - we're talking about how your realtor promotes your property listing on the internet.

In our opinion, it's not enough to put the listing in the multiple listing service ("MLS") and wait until the listing is "syndicated" to other websites.  Think of it in terms of "traditional" marketing of your property.  It's not enough to put arealtor "for sale" signin front of the property and wait until buyers show up.

Today's successfulreal estate internet marketingcampaign includes additional online promotion of property listings.  There's no one right way to do this - each agent has their own style, their own "tried and true" methods for online promotion that work in their area and in their marketplace.  For some agents, and in some areas, putting the listing on an internet classified ad website such as Craigslist draws potential buyers.  For other agents, and in other real estate market areas, adding the listing to a blog can draw an audience. Many agents will post the listing onsocial networkssuch asFacebook,LinkedIn,Twitter,Google+, etc. to promote the listing to their network of connections.  And other agents use videos to promote their listings.  All strategies are good - and can be effective ways to expand the marketing of a property online. We recommend that agents have their listings displayed on their personal real estate websites as well as on their company's real estate website - at a minimum. 

Home sellers can truly benefit from the online promotion of their property.  If you are a home seller, ask your realtor to explain their internet marketing campaign.  If you are a real estate agent, we'd like to know - what online tools work in your marketplace?

Internet marketing is important for any property listing.  The ability to reach a world-wide audience of potential buyers is amazing!  Shouldn't your property have that advantage?

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